Help strengthen your community

The strongest communities are those that encourage participation from all members, especially you! Older adults play a key role in the vitality of neighborhoods, networks, and the lives of others. May is Older Americans Month, and it’s the perfect time to engage and support all the ways that older adults can make a difference. Let’s come together to celebrate this year’s theme of “Connect, Create, Contribute.”

How can you get involved? “Create” by engaging in activities that promote health and personal enrichment. The best way to promote health is by setting a good example and leading a healthy life. We’re here to help! Call your doctor today to set up a yearly “Wellness” visit. Your doctor can give you personalized health advice and let you know which preventive services, like obesity or prostate cancer screenings, can help keep you healthy.

Taking care of your physical health can give you the energy you need to help your community thrive in other ways, like:

  • Connecting with friends, family, and services that support participation
  • Creating by engaging in activities that promote learning
  • Contributing time, talent, and life experiences to benefit others

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